Author: Lauren Cargo

Spring Break Road Trip!

  |   Events

Toby Lou shocked & amazed us once again last week with a particularly filthy yet simultaneously spiritual "Spring Break" edition of The Weekly Revue at Allways Lounge. We heard the sweet voices of the New Orleans Sacred Harp Singers, watched a...

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Our Man In Space

  |   Ad Inexplorata

While we here at the firehouse were busy dealing with our own costumed beasts last weekend, our man Josh Penn was busy wrapping up production on upcoming feature Ad Inexplorata. It's been a long journey for many Court cosmonauts and we're...

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Valentine’s Day Massacre

  |   Weekly Revue

Court 13 is proud to report that Toby Lou killed it this past Friday at his Valentine's Day edition of the Weekly Revue. Seriously. We were dying. There was laughter. There were tears. There was dancing. There were testimonies of some...

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