Casey and Nathan in their Spanking New Space! + NOFF 2014 update

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Voila! Two of Court 13’s finest gentlemen-explorers, Snrs. Coleman (Casey) and Harrison (Nathan) have officially installed themselves in their new office space digs, another branch of the much beloved old firehouse. It should be noted that this photo was taken before the goose is to be officially spruced, décor-wise, but it’s already an amazing space and all bodes very well.

In further news, we’ve spent a great deal of time over the past few immersed the movie magic of today and yesteryear at NOFF 2014. Big shouts go to Debra Granick’s doc STRAY DOG, which was a major pleaser here, as well as Bertolucci’s THE CONFORMIST, Alexander Glustrom’s BIG CHARITY, and Darius Clark Monroe’s EVOLUTION OF A CRIMINAL. Jazzed for some WHIPLASH tonight at Canal Place as well.

Our own Casey Coleman, pictured above– who by the way has newly joined the world’s storied ranks as an UNCLE (!)– has also been hard at work preparing for the ALWAYS FOR PLEASURE extravaganza fast-approaching on Nov. 14th and 15th! Be sure to hold the dates on that one.

Another installment forthcoming, in which we formally introduce the latest member our team. Until then.