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After a year plus toiling in the dark of the cyberworld with narry an up-to-date website to our name, Court 13 has finally revamped itself for the digital era. We present:


Through the website you can join the Court 13 Army–host or demand screenings of our stuff in your area, spread the word about Court 13, and let us know what you think of what we make. Other new features include a featured movie and music video, streaming and downloadable versions of all our films and music videos (for free!), a steady stream of photos, a section about the Court 13 School for Young People (including the kids’ videos), and of course the episodic and legendary story of Court 13, finally committed to text. All praise the mighty Josh Penn for the system overhaul. Browse away!

NOTE TO ALL READING THROUGH BLOGSPOT: This marks the sad end of Court 13’s blogspot activity. All new blog posts will appear in the new site, on the homepage, and also with more space to breathe at Please bookmark accordingly.