New Video for A Sunny Day in Glasgow’s “So Bloody, So Tight”

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Last December we welcomed to town Philly pop-gaze band A Sunny Day in Glasgow, who were wanted for several Federal Acts of Indecency committed in the Mormon states. They had fled to Court 13 headquarters in New Orleans, thinking for some reason it was a sovereign state. To help keep their exposure low, they enlisted the help of Mistress of Disguise Z Behl, who, with her team of talented bohemians, helped the group blend into their environment. During the ensuing 3-day bender, their antics were surreptitiously filmed by C13 puppies Josh Penn and Bob Weisz, with the help of half-man-half-camera Jake Springfield. Despite much negotiation with the FBI about exchanging the footage for a Greek-shipping-magnate level of fortunes, Bob and Josh decided to release it to the masses as a music video. Unfortunately the band felt the video would raise their national exposure back up to dangerous levels, and thus they are currently hiding under the floorboards of a schooner on its way to Venezuela. But here it is anyway!


A high res version can also be seen at

Any donations toward Sunny Day’s cause, or to Court 13 in order to make up for the billions lost in the FBI deal, would be much appreciated.